Weekly ‘Instagram’ Promotions

Aerial Tours discounts December 2018

Instagram Friends, Get 10% off and a FREE GoPRO video

Great for new content!

At Sky Tours, we appreciate our IG community that has developed over the last couple years. All our pilots enjoy your posts, pictures, comments and collaboration. Big thank you for supporting our veteran run business and being a part of our life. The current special includes:

  • Free GoPro (GoPro 7) video

  • A frosty beverage of your choosing at our vintage hangar bar!

  • FB or IG live while flying!

Please come back often to check on new discounts and interesting blog posts. Our blog posts will give you a deeper understanding of our Aerial Adventures; these are much more than Airplane Rides and Biplane Rides. Our pilots come from the most impressive backgrounds and make our guest feel like they are part of the flight team, not just passengers. Afterwards we usually hang out with the customers at our hangar bar to discuss the flight, history and hear about their experiences.

Lets make some fresh content together!