City Airports new management has decided that a 1940's hangar and small GA hangars need to be removed from the Runway Protected Zone of the in-frequently used cross runway, RWY 5-23.  The runway can handle only the smallest private aircraft and has less that 2% fixed wing traffic at the airport. 

  • FAA regulations allow for a grandfather clause for existing hangars in the RPZ (FACT)
  • This 1940's hangar IS NOT A SAFETY RISK (FACT)  There has been NO collisions with this hangar in 71 years, even during times of high GA use and Instrument Approaches on the RWY 5-23.
  • Conversely, Airport Management is trying to INCREASE the size and frequency of medium-heavy business jet traffic on RWY 28R.  This illustrates that populated areas inside the RPZ are not a safety issue.  If commercial buildings were a safety risk, the airport management would not be increasing jet traffic, they would be reducing it.
  • Airport Management claims they are following the FAA's mandate to remove the hangars, conversely,  the FAA ADO's office in Los Angeles tells us that Deputy Director Rod Probst's made the decision and the grandfather clause is available.
  • Community Pilots and Business Owners at Montgomery Field have started the Montgomery Field Aviation Association as a necessity to provide Airport Management oversight with this off - the cuff decisions.

The Spiders Quonset Hut (San Diego Sky Tours Hangar) on a 1980's airport diagram.  The Quonset hut barely falls in the RPZ of the hardly used cross runway.  The runway is only used by small aircraft during times of high crosswind conditions.  Since 1940, there has been no recorded safety hazard with the Spiders Quonset Hut being hit by aircraft.  Additionally, this runway is only used by fix wing aircraft less than 2% of all flight operations at Montgomery Field.

The Runway Protected Zone (28R RPZ) of the main runway is violated by congested HWY 163 and densely populated commercial districts.  The red departure flight path illustrated here insects with populated areas.   Seriously?  If the RPZ is such a worrisome problem that you have to kick out your constituents, Airport management SHOULD NOT be increasing use of 28R.