A unique Morning Tour of La Jolla

Have you ever just had one of those mornings that you will always remember as special?  Our passenger Mike and I had just left in the biplane and went out for a Beach and Bay tour.  The day was just that normal San Diego day, clear skies, smooth air and beautiful colors.  We took off from Montgomery Field, which is only about 5-7 minutes from Downtown San Diego by uber, and enjoyed the sky and the views.

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What does an Captain John say about the need for Stick and Rudder skills?

Now all that said about the wonderful advances technology has made to enhance safety and create a clear pathway to a career in aviation comes with a price. Students starting out in a modern trainer and being fast tracked into the cockpit of a sophisticated turbine powered aircraft often miss out on an ample exposure to basic stick and rudder flying..

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WhY is our Captain's Family Background so interesting?

We enjoy reading John Wades advice on the future of Aviation jobs for todays youth, but looking back in his past has some VERY interesting gems of history.  These gold nuggets of experience may shine some insight and give credibility...

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Top 5 Tips on Choosing an Aerial Tour

5 Tips and Gotcha's that we can help you with before hand.  Cheap isn't always good when it comes to aviation.  The purpose of this article is to identify common mistakes made and give pointers to picking the aerial tour that is right for you.  Most aviators I know were inspired by that airplane ride long ago. The Aerial Tour IS a passionate experience.  Your heart rate jumps up a notch and your senses tingle.  This awareness creates a fabulous moment that enhances your senses and imprints a long lasting impression on your life. 

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3 Great Reasons to pick an Airplane over a Helicopter Tour

We listen to people every day when they call ask about the difference between Airplane and Helicopter Tours.  We wrote this article to bring up some great points to the person making these decisions.  Every one wants to get up in the air for the birds eye view, but we just wanted to illustrate why we believe Airplanes are more fun and more economical for Aerial Tours.

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Naval Aviation and our North Island, by Phil Kendro

Many current residents or visitors to San Diego don’t realize that it is where naval aviation began.  Navy Lieutenant Theodore Ellyson arrived to deserted sand flats known as the North Island area of San Diego in 1911. While part of modern day Coronado, this land mass was actually separated during the high tide portion of the day.  Glenn Curtiss, a competitor to the Wright Brothers leased the property and set up shop teaching flying to Army and Navy pilots.  This lasted until 1917, the beginning of the American entry into World War I, when the military assumed the area.


While the Navy initially set up a camp in the same area in 1912, the Army later took control in 1913 until the area was split into camps for both the Navy and Army.  Initially known as “Camp Trouble” for the Navy, North Island was finally commissioned a Naval Air Station in 1917, and called Naval Air Station San Diego until 1955. On August 15, 1963, the station was granted official recognition as the "Birthplace of Naval Aviation" by resolution of the House Armed Services Committee.

Today, you can experience flight over and around the Birthplace of Aviation similar to planes that flew during World War I.  Join us at www.sandiegoskytours.com and learn more.

Photo shot over North Island during one of our formation tours in 2016.  Biplanes flew in this airspace for over 100 years now.  San Diego's Aviation Heritage.