Meet ‘Marilyn’ The Great Lakes biplane, our favorite biplane!

Biplane Adventures in San Diego

Explore San Diego like our aviation pioneers did in an open cockpit biplane with San Diego Sky Tours. You will fly in a Great Lakes biplane a vintage experience yet comfortable and capable.

The Great Lakes Biplane is a relatively modern day version of the 1930’s training aircraft. The company Great Lakes built these airplanes in the ‘30s as a popular sport aircraft between the world wars. These biplanes flew in aerobatic competitions and gave a lot of pilots flying enjoyment and honed their flying skills.

We are flying the 1970’s and early ‘80’s version of the 2T-1a-2 Sport Trainer. These aircraft are light, nimble and extremely durable. The -2 version has the rock solid 180hp Lycoming Engine AEi0-360 B1F6 with a constant speed propellor. The aircraft sports 4 ailerons and an inverted fuel and oil system for nice aerobatic handling. Overall, the Great Lakes is well balanced, smooth flying and the perfect aircraft for flying up and down the coast in San Diego’s season.

Great Lakes Aircraft Company was recently purchased by WACO and they are making brand new versions that are very similar to the aircraft we are flying right now at Sky Tours.

This biplane ride is one of the top things to do in San Diego.