A pilots journey with Keto: Just another gimmicky diet fad?

Keto, it really works fast and easy.

So I am writing this blog because I send so many pilots these YouTube links after I tell my short story of losing 36lbs in 5 weeks. As tech, biotech and medical research advance, so does our knowledge of nutrition. Keto is easy, doesn’t take time, and is free. You just simply remove the breads and added sugars from your life in extreme (at first) until you get to the weight you like, then add about half of the healthy carbs back into you lifestyle. I tried eating in moderation, but I can’t stay motivated to lose 2lb’s a month.


What I did was this:

I started time restricted eating, a little 30 hour fasting occasionally and super low carb:

  1. I ate only between 0900-1900 on my San Diego time clock.

  2. No carbs at all for the first 2-3 days in order to get your body in Ketogenesis (fat burning). Doing a water fast works fast to get into fat burning. 24-36 hours kicks it in very nicely.

    1. On my airline trips, I usually would not eat my first flying day, just water and coffee, not until the second day in the morning after 0900.

  3. Just light exercise, maybe strength training.

  4. I stay in super low carbs for around 5 days, then I eat somewhat normal for 2 days and then start it all over again on my next airline trip.

Dr. Eric Berg ( I recommend looking at all his related videos too):



Dr Fung , Intermittant fasting and Keto style diets. He believes that insulin and sugar may be the cause of all the weight gain and many chronic disease.



Here is my trick: You need to do this in 3-5 day cycles. Don’t eat ANY sugar or carbs for about two days. This starts to put your body in Ketogenesis, where you are burning fats versus using your stored glycogen. Hunger waves may occur about 8 -15 hours into this cycle. Then when your body loses its addiction to sugar then it goes away for good. With practice, you may not feel any hunger pains at all. When I start an airline trip, I usually fasted (water only fast) for 36 hours and that quickly places your body in Ketogenesis. I was losing 2-5 lbs a cycle. You don’t even need to workout, but I recommend you do a little strength and cardio training.

Foods to Eat:

Hard boiled eggs, bacon, meats, cheeses, avocado’s, salads (skip carrots for awhile), burger with cheese, bacon on a bed of spinach, salmon and salad, sushimi, poke, guacamole, …..scotch and an occasional light beer. Anything with healthy fats..

Avoid: banana’s, carrots, fruit in general (to speed the weight loss), bread, burger buns, any desserts, and health bar with carbs. Anything like chips and so forth.