Formation Flight tour

Biplane formation flight. Wow.   Yes, Star Wars and Top Gun WOW.  We are the only FAA approved company to offer Biplane Formation Rides together but separate!  Enjoy a sporty yet smooth flying biplane with perfectly refined modern engines.  Our Formation Adventure consists of a Formation Takeoff, Parade Formation, Cross Under's, Lead Change and some Tail Chase.   Imagine flying with your special someone in  over Downtown, looking and talking to each other just as the fighter pilots did in the golden age.  Fly as Charles Lindbergh and Glenn Curtis once did over San Diego.  Two separate biplanes and you can talk together on a common frequency, easily see each other through your goggles, and have the adventure of your life.  The aircraft will be at a safe distance at all times with your military trained pilot.  Feel comfortable flying with the nations best pilots and enjoy this unique adventure together.

Sky Tours Flight lines up at the hold short, preparing for the unique military style formation flight.  The two aircraft will takeoff within easy smile and wave distance from one another.

The wide angle Go Pro lens do not do this scene justice, these military trained pilots are 10-15 feet away showing off their precise military flight experience.

Sky Tours flying  a Formation Flight over the Coronado Bay Bridge.

Sky Tours flying  a Formation Flight over the Coronado Bay Bridge.

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  • You will receive an FAA approved safety brief  and military formation briefing. (30-40 min)
  • Training on your flight gear (Leather Helmet, Goggles, Headset, Parachute and Flight Instruments)
  • A basic informational brief of our formation flight, including flight takeoff, parade position, cross under and join ups.  You may even get to do a couple hand signals for us!

  • A detailed description of the flight, takeoff runway, ground track over San Diego and the beaches and landmarks you will see over San Diego.
  • A fun flight! Our biplane pilot's are expert tour guides that will make your formation flight experience safe, informative and thrilling.  They will talk about important landmarks throughout San Diego.