Aerobatic Thrill Rides


Loops, Rolls and inverted flight!

Come fly a thrill ride with San Diego Sky Tours and you will experience inverted flight, barrel rolls, loops and aileron rolls.  Strap on a parachute, brief with an former military pilot and get ready for a once in a life time thrill.  Aerobatics is one thing, but aerobatics in a 'open cockpit' over San Diego is another!

With the Biplane Aerobatic Adventure you will:

  • Fly with an expert aerobatic pilot.  All our pilots are veteran military pilots.
  • An amazing Tour of San Diego up the coast and through San Diego. The Coastline by Imperial Beach is our Aerobatic Area.
  • A detailed Parachute briefing (2o min)
  • A leather helmet and goggles 
  • 'Stick Time' optional (Your pilot will let your fly the plane)
  • An Assortment of thrilling aerobatics which may include Loops, Rolls, Aileron Rolls, Barrel Rolls and Hammer Heads.