Spice up your Instagram Portfolio!

With a Sky Tour

We all know it isn't about the photo's, but the experiences.  When you fly... you breathe, you live and your blood flows.  Shake up your life, have an adventure with our pilots in one of these amazing crafts over the most beautiful city in the world.   Take some pictures, but be present in the moment.. Enjoy the amazing energy and views of San Diego.   People don't leave our sky tours just happy....they leave thrilled and excited, EVERY time.  Check our reviews.

San Diego Sky Tours offers Biplane Rides, Group Tours in our Cessna tour plane and a military style Helicopter.  We are flexible with your booking times, refunds and tour styles.. so just come out and try this 'Sky Tour'!  We offer special pricing for our Instagram customers, now enjoy a 7% discount on all tours if you book them online.

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