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Highlight to My 3 Week Trip to California

"I booked up for the bay tour, the weather was perfect that day (which certainly added to it). Whole thing was amazing from start to finish. Earl my pilot certainly was a pearl. he did a great job. I had done my home work on this and as a solo traveler, i can say with certainty i choose the right company, super professional, friendly and very affordable. Couldn't recommend this enough, if you're sitting on the this now. Unforgettable experience!"   Scotty A (United Kingdom)


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San Diego Biplane Tour Sightseeing

UP TO 5 Persons

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Are you looking for that special thing to do for your family or friends?  The Biplane Sightseeing Tour epitomizes the 'Best Things to Do' in San Diego.  Our Sightseeing Tour includes over 20 of the city's most popular landmarks and tourism destinations.  This Coastal and Bay Biplane Tour is the Best Tour of San Diego!   Why?

Gray Whale watching
  • You will enjoy sightseeing in the ultimate way, overhead in comfort. Open cockpit gives you the clearest view and perspective.
  • Your Air Tour will be lead by veteran pilots with thousands of flight hours experience.   They love to share aviation history and show off sunny San Diego.
  • You will enjoy that our biplane aircraft fly super smoothly, are comfortable, safe, and have fantastic visibility.  You will really LOVE the sightseeing tour view of downtown and coastal areas especially.
  • Feel free to bring your family and friends, they can hang out afterwards in the SkyTours Vintage Pilot Hangar, with aviation decor and lots to talk about!

Our Vintage Decor Hangar -

We provide a lounge, pilot gear of leather vintage helmets, flight suits (if desired), parachutes if needed, lockers for valuable stowage, and cold beverages and hot coffee free of charge.  

Bring your family and friends to hangout, learn and talk with our exceptional military aviators.  Check us out HERE