Sky Tours - Aerobatic Thrill Rides


Loops, Rolls Over San Diego!

Our Adventures are much more than just Thrills and an Aerial Tour. Come fly with our Ex-Military Pilots and you will experience inverted flight, barrel rolls, loops, hammer heads and aileron rolls. Our just try a couple and enjoy and smooth ride.   Aerobatics is one thing, but aerobatics in a 'open cockpit' over San Diego is another!

Benefits to you

An Amazing Tour of San Diego From Above!  No finer way to get to know this beautiful city.  Included in every Thrill Ride.

  • Discover the mysteries of Aerobatic Maneuvers
  • Try the Maneuvers yourself with a little 'Stick Time'
  • Learn About Parachutes
  • Enjoy the BEST WAY to See San Diego

Hang out in our Vintage Hangar; get to know your Pilots in a relaxing atmosphere.  Enjoy a cold beverage of your choice afterwards.