1940's Montgomery Field hangar complex

 used to train our Army & Navy pilots during WWII.

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After the Gibbs family bought the land and decided to use the property for a runway, the City of San Diego and the US Military became interested.  During the growth of San Diego as a military and defense industrial complex in the early 1940's the Military used this complex for training of its military pilots.

Following the war, the airport was given back to the City of San Diego to be used for General Aviation.  Since then the area was to be given the nickname Spider's, because of the name of the owner of the maintenance facility located there for the last 70 years.  San Diego Sky Service, the parent of San Diego Sky Tours has been restoring the area and hangar complex for a new day where the vintage style and ambiance can be appreciated by the aviators, mechanics  and the San Diego public alike.

Special Events

We will be offering the vintage hangar space for special events.  The hangar area is special because of the vintage experience, open space, large public parking areas and convenience in location.  During your event, our treasure trove of aircraft and biplanes will be on display for your guests. 

Suggested utilization may include:  Graduations, weddings, birthday party's, retirements, company events and team building, and military commissioning ceremonies.

Please call for more information and prices. Erich  619.929.1025

For the last 20 years

For the last 20 years

Present day!  

Present day!  

Modern technology with a vintage surrounding.

A WWII hangar forgotten...now filled with wonderful aviation treasures.

Biplane Air Combat pilots are a little territorial, so watch out! :-)

If you want a real trip, book an evening Dusk Patrol with San Diego Sky Tours.