Part of an Airports charm is in the Hangar

Sky Tours pIlot Service Station


A pilot workspace for training and debriefing.  We designed this table for our particular briefing and debriefing strategies to maximize pilot situational awareness.  Video is used during our tour and training flights which are used for debriefing on our large screen TV's.


The details of the 'Pilot Workbench' are a tribute to our past pilot history.  Most of our pilots were veterans and served with distinction in the USAF, Army, Navy or Marine Corps.  Patches, wings, insignia's, plotting tools, command or anniversary coins, old letters, or sentimental items of militaria are placed within to remind each other of our history.


Special Events

We will be offering the vintage hangar space for special events.  The hangar area is special because of the vintage experience, open space, large public parking areas and convenience in location.  During your event, our treasure trove of aircraft and biplanes will be on display for your guests. 

Suggested utilization may include:  Graduations, weddings, birthday party's, retirements, company events and team building, and military commissioning ceremonies.

Please call for more information and prices. Erich  619.929.1025

Modern technology with a vintage surrounding.

A WWII hangar filled with wonderful aviation treasures.

Biplane Air Combat pilots are a little territorial, so watch out! :-)

If you want a real trip, book an evening Dusk Patrol with San Diego Sky Tours.