Whale Watching Adventures are amazing from the air!  Why ride in a cold boat for a couple hours to possibly see a whale.  With our 30-40 min Whale Excursion flight, we can see multiple whales, dolphins, sea lions and possibly sharks while enjoying San Diego's beautiful from the sky. 

From $249 for two persons to a large 5 person group for $450

Bring your friends and make an adventure of it.  Add another person for just slightly more cost. Up to 5 persons in our Sky Tour Aircraft or choose an open cockpit biplane.   If you are interested in a one person excursion, consider Whale Hunting in our open cockpit biplane.  Your eyes and senses will have an unrestricted view of ocean with a clear view of everything from the air.

Please Book online today for your Whale Tour.   If only one person in our regular tour aircraft, please call us directly for booking.  We will book you with an existing tour.


Gray Whale Migration (Dec-March) - each winter Gray Whales pass Pt Loma and the San Diego coastline to Baja California where they mate and nurse their babies.

  • up to 45 ft long and 33 tons
  • they make a 10,000 mile round trip migration and live 40-60 years!