The most common question we get is "Do you have a couples tour?'

    The answer is 'yes' and it is one of the most exciting and unusual tours in the world.  San Diego Sky Tours are the only tour company in the world that fly formation tours in separate biplanes in formation.  With the combination of great views, 300 absolutely perfect days a year, and chocked full of retired military pilots, the recipe is complete for a perfect aviation adventure.

    Most couples adventures are a surprise for one person but it doesn't have to be organized that way.  You would go to the Gibbs Flight Service and lounge, wait for your pilot and be escorted through security to the Sky Tours biplane hangar.  We put you in a military flight suit, add a few patches and get you looking and feeling like a military pilot.  One of our ex-military fighter pilots gives the two of you a military style briefing, which is flight, safety and tour information in a format worthy of a Blue Angel pilot.  

    After all the aviation briefings and some training (usually 1 hour) we strap you both in a biplane with your own fighter pilot and you go flying.  Military pilots fly in formation, so will you.  We take off in formation, fly together within 20 feet or so, and work as a team during the tour.  One aircraft may lead the other for awhile, then switch back.  With GoPro camera's documenting the action, you will have a tour to brag about.  We don't want to give away all the details, but people are super excited during and after the flight.  Visit our video section and see what it is all about.

Erich Moulder, Chief Pilot


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