This is your Opportunity for aerobatics!

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You will have an experience of a lifetime

Our Aerobatic Rides are the #1 way to experience San Diego.  Fly with us on your first day to get the 'right' perspective and check that bucket list item off. This is no ordinary airplane ride, this no ordinary biplane ride either.  You will push your limits and experience true thrills. Our pilots are professional experts.  They love these aerobatics flights and are proud to show you the best of San Diego including the beaches, downtown, and San Diego Bay.    Meet our experienced pilots! 

Our Exceptional Pilots


Aerobatics Benefits

This Aerobatics Aerial Tour is more than an airplane ride.   We offer an exciting way to create a memorable experience that will last a lifetime!  Aerobatics includes an Aerial Tour aboard our Great Lakes Biplane – a reliable fabric and metal, aerobatics certified, single-engine piston, biplane-wing aircraft.  

  • We take pride in giving you the best experience. Over time we have optimized almost every aspect of the customer experience. From sitting height for optimal view, to helmet size and premium headset quality. 

  •   Aileron Rolls, Barrel Rolls, Hammer Heads, Loops are just the basics.  Experience 'Mild' to the 'Wild' , your choice!

  • We have easy and convenient airport access.   No TSA or inspections.  First Class service.

  • All the best views on the beach and in town. You get both! You will be impressed at the aerial tour too!  Sensory overload is common.  

  •  Each tour pilot is passionate about the aerobatics, SD history and our geography.  Perfect for a thrill seeking young adults and bucket lists.  Age restriction is 13 for aerobatics.  



Bianca shows us how Erich from San Diego Sky Tours conducts his bi-plane tours over San Diego. He also adds some aerobatics for an overall unforgettable experience.