Meet the Pilots


Erich 'Fox' Moulder

Former Navy Pilot & United Airlines Pilot. With over 10,000 flight hours, Erich flies as a First Officer on the Boeing 737 with United Airlines and enjoys developing our adventure tour programs.  Erich and James run San Diego Sky Tours. He has over 1800 flight instructor hours and specializes in training Upset Recovery, Biplane Tail Wheel training, Formation and Aerobatics.  Erich manages the pilots, digital side, videos and marketing.

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James 'Cap' Kapenas

Gold Seal/Master Flight Instructor, G-IV and PC-12 Charter Pilot.  Former USMC Infantry Raider.  With over 8000 hrs James has worked as an airline pilot and for several charter companies. He has mentored hundreds of aviators and accumulated over 5000 flight instruction hrs.  Besides his daily work with Sky Tours and his Gulf Stream position,  Jim is slowly acquiring Cessna Aircraft for leaseback with Plus One Flyers, the largest flying club in the world.


Earl 'the Pearl' wederbrook

USMC Colonel (ret)  'Pearl' flew F-4's, F-5's and F-18's with the USMC.  He works for Raytheon on Navy and Marine programs and is active with various other military veteran and support programs in San Diego.  'Pearl' served as Operations Officer for VMFAT-101, 3rd Marine Wing, commanded VMFT 401 Aggressor Squadron in Yuma, and reached the apex of his career by commanding Marine Aircraft Group 11 at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.


Vinny "Otter" Lostetter

USAF Colonel (ret)  'Otter' is a USAF Academy, '88 grad and former B-1B Lancer Pilot and Commanding Officer.  He flew multiple aircraft in the USAF  including the T-41 and T-38 Talon.  Otter currently is retired from the USAF and continues to serve as AFJROTC Commander at a local San Diego High School. 


Jeff 'Jay Lo' Laird

Active Duty Navy Pilot, LT, USN. He is a real 'ladies man' supported by a wonderful wife and two young girls.  Jeff's last assignment was a Navy Flight instructor with over 1700 instructional hours specializing in upset recovery, formation, and aerobatics.   Jeff is currently an Operations Officer, Navy Helicopter Pilot at NAS North Island and Tour/Instructor Pilot with Sky Tours. He enjoys giving tours, aerobatics training and sharing his passion for aviation to our customers on his free time. His hobbies include Sky Diving, Surfing, and Kite Surfing.


 Chris “Arch” Archer

Active Duty Pilot, Captain, USN. 'Arch' is still on active duty with over 25 years of service. He was the Commanding Officer of the Navy’s ‘primary’ flight squadron, the school house where all Navy pilots learn to fly. Under his command, the squadron won the Chief of Naval Operations Safety award and the Training Excellence award. He was recently selected for Aviation Major Command Ashore. Arch specializes in upset recovery, formation, and aerobatics. He enjoys sharing his love for aviation with our community.    Read more


Robert 'Red Dog' Ambler

Veteran US Army and American Airlines Captain. Bob has over 21,075 hours flight experience with time spent fight instructing, fish spotting, airlines and over 40 years of recreational flying. He has attempted flying around the world in his Super Cruiser, and successfully made it across the Atlantic and all the way to Turkey. Great adventure!   Besides flying expertise, Bob is a certified aircraft mechanic (A&P) and an inspector of aircraft (IA). He spends his free time flying his Columbia 300 and Super Cruiser aircraft, with over 15 recreational trips to Catalina this summer! 


John Wade

Hawaiian Airline Airbus 330 Captain.  John Wade flies the Pacific Routes between the US, the South Pacific and the Hawaiian Islands.  John is passionate about General Aviation and has written many of our blogs.  

Jerome plays Maverick very well!

Jerome plays Maverick very well!

Jerome Leblanc AKA 'Maverick'

Jerome Leblanc is a big part of the Sky Tours team.  Originally from Montreal, Canada, Jerome works with the USS Midway and Kansas City Barbecue to help promote the image of Maverick.  With his hilarious self of humor, Maverick promotes the best of pilots.  Thank you Maverick for making us look so good!

Mission Statement

San Diego Sky Tours is dedicated to being a positive and lasting memory for every visitor and resident of the great city of San Diego.  Our unique and insightful sightseeing tours of the most popular landmarks and tourist destinations are sure to create unforgettable memories!  "We take pride in being one of San Diego's sightseeing leaders."